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Holmes Architects offers Professional Architectural Design Services and is committed to client satisfaction, excellence in professional service, and quality of design. 

Although we have amassed an enviable number of design awards and other recognition for our work, of far greater importance is the number of clients who have continued to return, time and time again, because they have come to appreciate the job we do for them.  

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Our portfolio is focused primarily on the design of public, private and parochial schools but also includes Museums, Churches, Chapels, City Halls, Community Centers, Youth Centers, Athletic Facilities, Auditoriums, and Modern Homes.  

Absolutely nothing we do is more important to the success of your project than the quality of the documents we produce. After all, these are the tools by which we communicate your ideas and our designs to the people you hire to build your project. 

About Us

Our number one priority and responsibility as design professionals is to provide the best possible service to our clients.  This includes strong commitment to on-time / in-budget project delivery with no surprises. 

That’s exactly why you will find that you will be working directly with Scott Holmes, AIA for the duration of the project; not only during the formulation of the project’s design but also during construction and long after the job is complete.


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